Commercial Debt Collection Industry Directory

Miller, Ross & Goldman serves our business-to-business Clients with the most successful collections performance available, bar none. To be frank, the vast majority of our competition utilizes just ONE strategy for EVERY single client industry they serve. Don’t be fooled by the misleading face-value of an attractive, lower contingency collection rate! If your company’s collection attorney or agency lacks the expertise to bring complex matters to a successful resolution in collections, whatever that more-attractive rate is, multiply that by ZERO; that’s the sum total of what your discount collections vendor will earn, AND unfortunately what your company will net back: ZERO.

Over the past 25+ years, we’ve gone head-to-head with some of the best collection attorneys and agencies in the business, in order to win favor, consideration and long-term loyalty from our more than 1800 highly valued Clients all over the world. Our unmatched commercial collection services are available to virtually every business-to-business industry in existence. We’d like to make special mention of the following industries, however, since they often require a high degree of specialized knowledge to effectively discuss and negotiate complex issues that would otherwise render a successful resolution virtually impossible.

small and midsize business debt collection

Small Businesses

At Miller, Ross, and Goldman, we’re well-known for being the best choice for any B2B small business needing a fast recovery solution when any unpaid invoices become problematic. We work with small businesses in virtually every B2B industry, including Oil & Gas, Heavy Equipment Rental and Construction Suppliers, SaaS companies and many more. Our team has the experience and expertise to help our small business Clients GET PAID in the shortest possible time, every time. Over 30+ years, Miller, Ross & Goldman has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for small businesses across the country and around the globe.

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construction industry debt collection


Miller, Ross & Goldman is a highly respected and recognized leader in the field of unpaid A/R recovery for the Construction Industry. Our many Construction Industry Clients large and small, include construction suppliers, equipment rental companies, engineers, architects, general contractors and sub-contractors in all trades. Our firm’s Construction Industry collections team utilizes over a century of combined strategic expertise focused at ensuring our Clients get paid, even when unfortunate project circumstances result in heavy losses for others.

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heavy equipment rental debt collection

Heavy Equipment Rental

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, we're known among heavy equipment rental professionals for being the best of the best when it comes to debt collection in their industry. No matter the size of your heavy equipment rental business, or the kind of equipment you rent out, Miller, Ross & Goldman can be of assistance. Our team has years of experience in providing heavy equipment rental debt collection across Texas, and the rest of the country.

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Oil and Gas industry debt collection

Oil & Gas

For decades, our Oil & Gas Industry Clients have come to rely on Miller, Ross & Goldman to ensure their past-due invoices are successfully recovered in the fastest time-frame possible. Our firm’s vast expertise and industry-specific resources in the space make our team the most formidable partner, unwaveringly committed to protecting and improving A/R cash flow for our valued Oil & Gas industry Clients. Through our history of our consistent, unmatched success and accomplishments in the space, we’re proud to have earned long-term relationships with Oil & Gas industry Clients of every size and scope, from Fortune 500’s to mom-and-pops.

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SAAS industry debt collection

Commercial Software & SaaS

Our Clients in the Commercial Software & SaaS industry rely on our team to recover unpaid contractual fees and mediate problematic issues with their customers. Our efforts on our Clients' behalves often require specialized knowledge to effectively negotiate a successful resolution with their customers. The creation and development of customized software, apps and web portals is a highly complex undertaking and challenges often arise which can stall development, impede performance, manifest functionality complications and many other hurdles. For over 25 years, we’ve been assisting our Commercial Software Clients in recovering unpaid invoices while even bridging business relationships when possible.

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Medical Industry debt collection

Medical Services, Supply & Equipment

Miller Ross & Goldman’s stellar performance in the Medical Services, Supply & Equipment industry has been the driving force behind the dramatic growth of our Client base in the space over the past 2 decades. This is yet another industry where a range of complex issues may stall, prevent or inhibit a timely recovery, requiring a high level of specialized knowledge to articulate productive negotiations. Our Medical industry Clients large and small can count on our team to quickly recover lost revenue and, when indicated, recover their medical merchandise and equipment if/when acceptable.

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chemical industry debt collection

Chemical Services, Supply & Equipment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Chemical Industry Clients know our team is uniquely qualified to deliver solutions to recovering their unpaid A/R. Our ability to effectively negotiate on our Client’s behalves is often dependent upon articulating in-depth elements of the products and services transacted. Further, the Chemical Industry’s complex domestic and international supply chains are highly dependent upon the global economy and vulnerable to trade disputes, commodity price volatility, geopolitical turbulence and other potential industry-impactful situations. Our team’s awareness of the Chemical Services, Supply & Equipment industry’s current business climate is crucial to our consistent successful outcomes for our Clients in the space.

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food industry debt collection

Food Products Manufacturing Services, Supply & Equipment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Food Products Industry clients include virtually the entire supply chain, from farms and growers, equipment and product manufacturers, industry automation specialists, packagers, shippers and consultants. Our Food Products Industry clients appreciate our consistently exceptional collections performance, which is often attributed to our in-depth knowledge of industry laws and regulatory protections, frequently instrumental to our efforts to strategically protect and serve our Client’s financial interests.

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Waste management debt collection

Commercial Waste Management Services, Supply & Equipment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Waste Management Industry Clients know they can count on our team to overcome unique challenges in the space that can often hinder timely recovery of past-due customer invoices. Whether your company provides construction site clean-up and disposal, dumpster and other equipment rental, waste removal and recycling, hazardous material disposal or any other category of waste management, we have the resources, knowledge and experience to recover your unpaid A/R while bridging your customer relationships when desired or possible.

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Warehouse Industry debt collection

Merchandise Warehousing & Fulfillment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s many Merchandise Warehousing and Fulfillment Clients appreciate that our team is a true partner in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As a direct result of the explosive growth of online retailers, wholesalers and distributors, Warehousing & Fulfillment services are always in high demand, with no slow-down in sight. Our Clients can count on our ability to navigate a diverse range of problematic issues that can often cause result in slow-pay and no-pay customers, quickly find solutions and motivate payment. From complex contracts to warehouseman’s liens, from billing disputes to damaged inventory claims: we’ve done it, we know it, we’re here for you.

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facility industry debt collection

Facility Management & Services

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Facility Management Clients rely on our firm to recover their cash flow from past-due A/R, while also bridging their business relationships whenever possible. We’re experts at articulating and negotiating a broad range of issues for our Clients in one of the world's most diverse industries. And, the Facility Management industry, by virtue of the all-encompassing range of services companies in the space provide, require us to be at the very top of our game at every level. Our Facility Management Clients work in highly-complex built systems environments to sustainably maintain and keep us comfortable and safe where we live and work and where our children play. We’re honored to have the opportunity to GET THEM PAID.

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Advertising industry debt collection

Advertising, Brand Promotion & Public Relations

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Commercial Advertising & P.R. Clients range from some of the most well-known and respected names in the space to smaller, niche advertising mom-and-pops. Their loyalty over decades speaks volumes about our team’s vast industry expertise and ability to consistently perform at the highest level of collections success. Often, our Clients in the space must accept a dramatically higher degree of risk, since doing business with startups and newer, unestablished companies in pursuit of brand traction is an integral part of the business. And, often promotional pursuits become an “all-in” proposition…quite literally sink or swim for a new business. We understand the challenges in the space and are experts at navigating toward solutions, often with a win-win outcome.

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management industry debt collection

Management Consulting

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s portfolio of Management Consulting Clients account for a sizable market share in an industry that has seen impactful disruption during the pandemic crisis. While the industry’s market share shrunk by approximately 8% in 2020 to about 235 billion, it’s already on the rebound and expected reach over quarter of a trillion dollars in annual revenue in 2021 and beyond. Due to the broad and exceedingly complex nature of the consultancy expertise that Management Consulting firms provide, problematic situations can and do arise, often resulting in unpaid invoices. Negotiating solutions for our Management Consulting Clients demands our teams’ ability to expertly articulate negotiations relevant to corporate mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, operational objectives, risk management, growth and leadership strategies, crisis management, organizational restructuring and much more. Our firm’s strategic skillsets and thoughtfully employed process ensure our Management Consulting Clients a successful outcome, even in the most challenging of situations.

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Financing industry debt collection


Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Franchisor Clients count on our firm for fast recovery of past-due royalties and other fees from both active and inactive Franchisees. Perhaps more so than any other industry we serve, our team’s consistent, exceptional performance in the Franchise Industry truly demonstrates our expertise at successfully negotiating resolutions to royalty obligations while bridging and enhancing our Franchisor Clients’ relationships with their Franchisees. The Franchise Industry has been severely impacted by the worldwide pandemic and our Franchisor Clients appreciate our team’s ability to augment our efforts consistent with ever-dynamic objectives to stabilizing their A/R cash-flow while helping their valued Franchisees return to full contractual financial compliance as quickly as possible.

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Electronics Manufacturing

Miller, Ross & Goldman is a leading force in debt collection for the electronics manufacturing industry. Our clients include manufacturers and distributors of electronic components and devices, serving industries from consumer electronics to specialized industrial equipment. Leveraging over 100 years of combined strategic expertise, we ensure that our electronics manufacturing clients recover their dues, no matter the complexity of the debtor's situation.

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Office Furniture Manufacturing

Miller, Ross & Goldman stand as a premier authority in debt collection specifically tailored for the office furniture manufacturing industry. Our clientele encompasses both creators and distributors of office furniture, catering to a wide array of markets from corporate offices to bespoke workspace solutions.

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