Heavy Equipment Rental Debt Collection

Miller Ross & Goldman is very proud of our hard-earned, top-tier reputation as the global performance leader of commercial debt collection services for the Heavy Equipment Rental industry. Over 3+ decades, we've recovered over $100 million dollars in lost revenue for Clients in the space, large and small. With over a century of combined experience navigating through and negotiating past every range of possible issues, our team of experts quickly determines the "what, when and why" of employing the most effective, strategic solutions necessary to protect, leverage and enforce our Client's financial interests. No matter what volume or category of Heavy Equipment Rental your company provides, Miller, Ross & Goldman will work hard to earn your trust and GET YOU PAID every dime, every time.

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Our team of Heavy Equipment Rental debt collection experts use proven strategies and solution-specific resources to achieve swift success for our valued Clients past-due commercial accounts. We'll begin our B2B Collection Client onboarding process by learning more about your heavy equipment rental business, including your specific needs, performance expectations and your company's internal collection efforts thus far. These important insights will enhance our team's ability to develop an effective, customized forward recovery strategy, consistent with our firm's core objectives in meeting and exceeding your company's cash flow needs and expections.

Our B2B Heavy Equipment Rental debt collection strategy includes:

  • Employing our proprietary, proven-effective and results-oriented communications process throughout our multi-pronged collections process
  • Rolling out a proactive, customized collection strategy based on existing project circumstances, always taking our Client's interests and objectives into consideration
  • Reporting unpaid balances to commercial credit bureaus, including accruing interest and fees, if and when indicated and based on our Client's objectives and business relationship considerations
  • Keeping our Client's updated on all developments, including 24/7 access to real-time reports via our online portal.

Miller, Ross & Goldman's consistent 95%+ collections success rate for our B2B Heavy Equipment Rental Clients puts us leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. You can count on our firm to be your company's ever-reliable, high-performing collections partner, always at-the-ready to effectively employ our process, articulate negotiations on your behalf and commit our extensive range of resources and experience to protecting your company's bottom line.

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