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Miller, Ross & Goldman is a highly trusted and successful B2B (business-to-business) debt collection agency. With decades of experience under our belts, our firm is uniquely qualified to provide our client businesses with consistently-successful solutions to recovering past-due debt obligations from their business customers. No matter what industry your business and your customers operate in, when it’s time to send your customers’ past-due balances into collections, our proven teams of professional commercial debt collectors are ready to get to work for you. And, our 30+ year proven track record means we’re always 100% confident in our ability to apply our commercial collections process, techniques and experience to virtually any type of B2B debt collection scenario, no matter how challenging.  SO WHY WAIT? GET PAID!


Our B2B Collections Process

MRG Partners, a trusted commercial debt collection agency, utilizes a B2B collections process that is designed to systematically and efficiently recover any money owed from our client’s past due business customers. Our collection efforts encompass a large array of activities, including:

  • Deep understanding of the business of our clients as well as the goods/services sold
  • Research and information gathering on the debtor business
  • Application of acquired information and knowledge to develop an effective recovery strategy
  • Ongoing and strategically timed letters, faxes, emails, and hand-served notices
  • Face-to-face meetings with licensed, credit-trained field investigators
  • Supportive telephone and letter contact by our local attorneys
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B2B (Business-to-Business) Debts Only
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Waiting Can Cost You Money, Get Started Today

Unfortunately, it’s a well-established fact that waiting to get started on B2B debt collection can be a poor financial decision. Every month you wait on collecting debt can cost you a hefty chunk of change.

Being reluctant to send your debt to collections early is understandable, as you want to give your customers as much of a chance as possible. But the fact of the matter is that waiting does nothing to manage your risks, and ends up costing your company more money in the long run. This is illustrated by the graph to the right.

In most cases, the chance of a company recovering 100% of lost revenue is limited to just 30-45 days. After that time, the odds of a full and efficient debt recovery rapidly decline each day. Don’t wait, as waiting exposes your company to even more unnecessary losses.

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We’re confident that our collections performance will earn you as a customer of ours for life.

Each move we make is geared toward motivating the business that is in debt to you to make paying back your company a top priority. Once we’ve created this heightened state of awareness of the money owed, as well as an increased sense of urgency, you’ll be happy to hear back that your balance has been recovered in full.

As a client of MRG Partners, you’ll be provided 24/7 access to our online system. Login to review our progress, generate reports, or even place additional accounts in collections at your convenience.

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