J. Mike Ross, Managing Partner

Miller, Ross & Goldman BBB Business Review

Over Mike’s 30+ year, exceptionally successful career, he has developed uniquely effective, long-proven methods designed to stabilize, increase, protect and insure more successful cash flow for Clients of Miller, Ross & Goldman. Unlike most competing commercial collection firms, Miller, Ross & Goldman is able to dramatically increase their Clients’ cash flow from past-due A/R, while still bridging and elevating long-standing business relationships, when possible.

As a highly sought-after, commercial debt collection industry top-performer in his earlier career, Mike became frustrated with the cookie-cutter mentality and poorly developed strategies utilized by most collection firms, including some of the industry’s biggest players. The vast majority of routine tactics, designed to use fear as the primary motivating force, were overtly unprofessional and often unnecessarily aggressive right out of the gate. The lack of a thorough and thoughtful analysis of each situation meant that the potential for a truly effective, fact-based, tactical approach too-often gave way to an immediately unproductive, unnecessarily hostile and defensive exchange. Consequently, so many potentially promising or long-standing business relationships that may have otherwise been justifiably redeemed, bridged, maintained or salvaged, were carelessly laid to waste. Mike simply could not abide by this often blind pursuit of money at any cost, alas even in an industry where “successfully collected dollars” were then, and continue to be now, the industry’s sole performance benchmark. Mike also had no desire to invest his professional aspirations in a career path completely bereft of intentional “win-win” outcomes for good people on both sides of the equation.

So, in 2000, together with two highly experienced and like-minded industry colleagues, Mike launched Miller, Ross & Goldman with the goal of developing an operational framework based on timeless, core principles of fairness, honesty, integrity and unwavering professionalism. Over 25 years and now more than 1600 clients strong, Miller, Ross & Goldman has become a global industry leader, earning high praise and accolades from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses all over the world. Our phenomenal, unmatched collections performance for our highly valued Clients has cemented business relationships with so many incredible people, whom we’re privileged to know and whose companies we’re honored to protect and serve.

Miller, Ross & Goldman is a proud member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors and is A+ rated and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Mike is also a proud member of The Commercial Law League Of America.

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