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Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Debt Reduction Team will provide your company with proven negotiation strategies and techniques to reduce its larger A/P obligations, whether one-time invoice payments or recurring contractual agreements. Over the past 2 decades, our debt reduction process has collectively saved our clients just under a quarter of a billion dollars ($228,912,064.00) in precious operating capital, while still bridging and preserving business relationships with important vendors and suppliers.

We are 100% confident in our ability to apply our proven techniques and strategic experience to your company’s higher balance A/P challenges, resulting in a more robust bottom line. And, consistent with our core objectives of recovering, preserving and protecting our valued Client’s cash position, our debt reduction process also yields unmatched financial success for our Clients.

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Important COVID-19 Notice

In the midst of one of the most challenging financial crises impacting global business in our history, the crucial importance in ensuring your company’s distressed incoming A/R and outgoing A/P accounts are managed by seasoned and experienced, proven professionals cannot be overstated.

The current situation is affecting virtually every company in the world, with varying degrees of financial impact. Many have been decimated with little chance of recovery, absent a broad and comprehensive turnaround strategy. Until normal business can resume, which will likely be a progressive process that will take many months to propagate across all industries, it is crucial that good business intentions be communicated, negotiated and accommodated. That’s where we come in. Our team of unmatched experts will keep your financial house in order with respect to your existing A/R and A/P, so you can focus on your company’s plans to eventually emerge from this crisis as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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Proven Strategies to Reduce Your Debt

Debt negotiation services


Let our team of experts take the lead to achieve proven debt reduction success!
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The time to negotiate is now! Past-due obligations cost your vendor time and money!
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Proven Techniques

Our team uses several proven techniques to reduce your debt and keep your vendors!

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