To Our Highly Valued Clients

We Extend Our Unwavering Commitment  & Gratitude

We’d also like to take this opportunity to provide you with important information that will ensure our efforts on your company's behalf run as smoothly and efficiently as possible:

I. Placing New Business For Collections

Click here to place accounts for immediate collection

Don't wait to assign your company's past-due A/R accounts for immediate collection when any 2 of the following 4 conditions are present:

  • Your customer is past-due 90 days or more
  • No response from your past-due customer after 2 contact attempts
  • 2 or more broken payment promises
  • Your past-due customer makes unreasonable payment term requests or demands

Please fax or email available documents supporting each collection assignment, such as:

  • Legible copies of invoices, PO’s and statements
  • Contract, credit app or other agreement, if applicable
  • Personal guarantee or promissory note
  • Proof of delivery, bills of lading, packing slips, driver receipts, signed tickets etc.
  • Returned checks, declined or disputed credit card info
  • Conversation logs if available
  • Copies of emails, texts, faxes and letter correspondence

II. Important Reasons To Immediately Contact Our Office

If your indebted customer or their attorney contacts your office for any reason whatsoever, it is extremely important that you:

  • Advise them that the matter is “out of your hands” and refer them back to our office
  • Please DO NOT discuss the debt. Doing so will only undermine our efforts on your company's behalf.
  • Report all payments or credits applied to us promptly
  • You receive any of the following:
  • Notices of: Bankruptcy, Receivership, Dissolution, Lien, Levy, Auction, Seizure, Death

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please click here to contact our office!